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Quality materials

Roto motors are made of the highest quality materials that guarantee geometric stability even in large temperature fluctuations.

Tuned sound

Roto Motor Ltd. manufactures and markets a range of exhaust systems for the perfect sound under the brand name "Roto Exhaust Systems" Roto exhausts focus on ease of installation and perfect sound.

Perfect design

The unmistakable design of Roto engines is mainly due to CNC machining with the intention of easy installation of the engine into the model aircraft / UAV project.

Another advantage of the Roto design is the ease of custom modifications to all shapes, especially for UAV project needs.

Selection advice

SEO Petr Cita will personally recommend the best possible engine according to your requirements

Operating Instruction & Dimension

ROTO 85 FSI- 270°


ROTO 125 FSi


ROTO 130 FSi


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