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  • ROTO 35 FS
  • ROTO 35 FS
  • ROTO 35 FS
  • ROTO 35 FS
  • ROTO 35 FS
  • ROTO 35 FS
  • ROTO 35 FS
  • ROTO 35 FS
  • ROTO 35 FS
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ROTO 35 FS is single cylinder  4 stroke  gasoline engine made for RC model airplanes up to 3.5 m  and 12 kg. Engine 

  • Crank case – it is rough-worked of the cast at the CNC milling cutter. After that it is covered or slashed with a special colour. 
  • Cylinder – it is made of one piece of dural with pressed insole from the mild-granular cast iron, it is sharpened and honed to the correct size.  
  • Piston – it is casted from silicon alloy with one sealing circle. The aparature for the bung 8 mm is honed.  
  • Piston rod – it is forging, which is completely worked. Two needle focuses are moulded into piston rod, it is made for the piston and cranked bung.  
  • Crank shaft – it is made of one piece of steel, it is cemented and hardened and it is completely sharpened. 
  • Back lid of the engine – it is worked casting, in which is hardened and sharpened rolled slide - valve layed. 

Pieces of engine are after clearing by the scan pieced together in preparations at the special workplace.

  • Engine displacement 34,2 ccm
    Power 2,3 kW
    Max static engine thrust 8,5 kg
    Bore 39,5 mm
    Engine weight 1740 g
    Engine & ignition weight 1900 g
    Arrangement of the engine single cylinder
    Cooling air-cooled
    Lubrication petrol 95 oct. + 2% oil
    RPM 1200 – 6000

    Fuel system




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