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125 FS UAV

170 FS UAV


Electronic Fuel Injection

The big advantage of Electronic Fuel Injection is the possibility to achieve very low fuel consumption. EFI installed on a Roto 125 FS engine achieves fuel savings of up to 40% compared to a carbureted engine.

The economic cost of an EFI Roto is higher than a carbureted engine, but if your project reaches series production the purchase price of the EFI will drop significantly due to the use of EFI LIGHT / Production. With the production version it is assumed that equipment such as Lambda probes, temperature sensors and adjustment modules will no longer be required for the EFI setup. At the time of series production, the economic costs will be offset by the lower price of EFI Light and the low fuel consumption. Another major advantage is the flight levels above 5000 meters above sea level.

Electronic Fuel Injection for uav engine

+ low fuel consumption

+ Electronic control

+ flight level 5000 m.a.s.l.

Fuel consumption uav engine


Carburetor is a very good and inexpensive option for projects flying at flight levels below 2000 meters above sea level.

For missions lasting up to 5 hours, the carburetor is a good choice for both project cost and fuel economy.The carburetor can be set up directly for your project, where we at Roto Motor Ltd will preset the PWM values for your mission and determine the best conditions for your engineers to control the throttle of the carburetor, in PWM values.By maintaining basic parameters such as CHT and EGT temperatures, you can count on reliable and inexpensive operation of ROTO four-stroke engines.

+ Low purchase price

+ Simple control

UAV engine configurator 

Roto engines are tested in harsh conditions simulating real missions from takeoff through the flight phase to the landing sequence. We know that the engines are operated in harsh conditions with dusty environments, but also in rain and cold weather. We have tested all these conditions over the last 10 years on our Roto engines. Based on this experience, we strive to reach 300 hours TBO. In every cooperation with the customer we try to get feedback from flight tests, based on which we can achieve TBO with a great range. ROTO engines are designed based on many years of experience with a focus on high combustion engine life, long TBO and reliability. Roto Motor Ltd. Czech Republic is the market leader in the market of internal combustion engines for UAV projects.

To achieve the most optimal requirements, our plug & play system are fully compatible, it is up to you which options you prefer.

Electric systems

Fuel systems

Start generator

Start generators under the trademark „STG Roto“ 1000W and 2000W.
All types are designed for maximum performance and efficiency. STG Roto start generators cooperate exclusively with the E-Control control unit, electronic system designed to control the engine generator, which allows the remote start of the internal combustion engine, charging batteries and hybrid operation, increasing the power of the internal combustion engine (Hybrid system).

start generator for uav engine

+ Remote start & stop

+ Hybrid system

+ Hybrid boost

generator for uav engine


Generators under the trademark „AL Roto“ in range 300 up to 2000W.
Power generator has been developed with Roto regulators that can provide a stabilized voltage of 3.3V-60V. These generators do not have the ability to remotely start the internal combustion engine. Their advantage is that they provide high power in a stabilized voltage energy suitable for direct power consumption on board your project.

+ Low purchase price

+ Stabilized voltage energy

We will adapt to your UAV project and work with you to develop an engine that suits your requirements. The possibility of adjustments of the individual parts of the engine is our great advantage. Technical support throughout the development and operation of the power unit is a matter of course.

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