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About Us

Rotomotor s.r.o. is engaged in research and development of internal combustion engines designed to power RC aircraft and UAV projects. RC engines are basically divided into two-stroke and four-stroke, where in recent years, four-stroke engines have ruled because of the realistic sound and behavior of the engines as was the case with their large flying models. Rotomotor s.r.o. manufactures engines with a capacity of 25cc two-stroke up to 170cc four-stroke engine, is further divided into single-cylinder to four-cylinder and all are air-cooled. UAV motors are a completely separate chapter of production and assembly. UAV engines have monitored production since the beginning of production of individual parts, where production tolerances are recorded in so-called logbooks, each part has its own serial number under which it is kept in the company information system and so each part has a traceable history. Rotomotor s.r.o. strives to achieve high quality production with the intention of long life of engines and accessories. Our main intention is to supply the customer with a top product and technical support at a high level. Proof of our work is the cooperation with one of the largest companies in the field of unmanned projects, namely the company IAI Israel, where we supply four-stroke engines to the Bird Eye 650D project in Plug / Play configuration.

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