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Roto Start System

It is a very lightweight yet reliable remote engine starting system using RC transmitter ( PWM command ).


The design is based on a unidirectional special bearing and several gears to ensure an optimal gear ratio from the BLDC starter motor.

The starter can be powered by 2-4 LiXX batteries with normal current load.The


system is designed to serve reliably for the lifetime of the internal combustion engine in RC operation configuration.

The BLDC starter motor is controlled by a special controller with electronic control of the start sequence length and ON/OFF motor status control.

The RSS starter can only be fitted to new Roto engines, this system cannot be used on older versions due to different crankshaft and crankcase.

RSS starters will be available in a short time on most Roto engines in RC configuration.


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Manual ROTO Starter Systems

Manual ROTO Starter Systems



Engines with ROTO Starter System 

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