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Developer of internal combustion engines designed to power RC aircraft and UAV projects.






The materials we use are constantly tested during long-term stress tests of engines performed by Roto motor s.r.o. during their tests. Due to the low weight, we use Al for some engines. castings that are hardened to achieve the best possible properties for use in the aerospace industry to which we supply Roto engines. Due to the introduction of the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate, it is a matter of course to keep records of input materials, including their quality certificates. All engine parts made of Al. they are made of hardened Al alloys to achieve the highest possible strength at low weight. Roto motor s.r.o. audits its material suppliers each year to ensure the same or higher quality input materials. All with the intention of being a reliable supplier.




The unique design of Roto motors is mainly due to the surface machining technology. Machining technology was chosen at the beginning of engine production, the choice was clear, thanks to the required high machining accuracy, CNC technology was chosen, supported by CAD / CAM from Dassault Systèmes - SolidWorks and SolidCam. Currently, Roto Motor s.r.o. has several multi-axis machines from the American company HAAS, production operators with 30 years of experience in CNC machining, specialists in 5-axis programming and top facilities for very precise machine production. All this is one of the parts of success in the production of quality Roto engines with a very long service life.


Certified tools


Roto Motor uses only certified and regularly calibrated gauges. Most often from the Japanese company Mitutoyo. Based on the ISO 9001 certification, the priority is to comply with the set quality processes and repeatability of production. Thanks to the reliability of the meters, we can guarantee that the customer always gets the highest quality. Not only gauges, but also production machines undergo regular calibration in order to produce continuous high quality parts for Roto engines.




Engine testing is a very important part of engine production, but also research and development because feedback is necessary to improve the quality of not only engines but also accessories. Currently, we can simulate many environments in which engines are in common practice. One of the most common influences is a change in ambient temperature. When flying at high altitudes or only when flying on a very hot continent in warm weather, it is necessary to ensure the reliability of Roto engines. The rotomotor has a test engine with the possibility of changing the ambient temperature. Even this small thing has in the past saved many problems with engine cooling in both the RC and UAV areas.


Customer support


Roto Motor Ltd. is the manufacturer of most of the parts used in Roto engines. For this reason we have all parts in stock and can distribute everything within 12 hours of receiving your request.

Our engineers are always on hand to solve any problems that arise. Customer support is an important element between the customer and the engine. We are always ready to help. If it is just a little bit possible so prefer email, we will reply within a few hours.





Roto UAV motors is a completely separate division of development, production but also assembly.

UAV motors are manufactured both in series production for customers and in piece production, as well as as development projects. Roto UAV owns a research and development department for motors with outputs from 1.5 kW to 6.5 kW, electric generators up to 3.0 kW and their control hybrid electronics called E-Control. We are suppliers to the biggest players in the UAV field. Test our skills ...


Rotomotor s.r.o. is engaged in research and development of internal combustion engines designed to power RC aircraft and UAV projects. RC engines are basically divided into two-stroke and four-stroke, where in recent years, four-stroke engines have ruled because of the realistic sound and behavior of the engines as was the case with their large flying models. Rotomotor s.r.o. manufactures engines with a capacity of 25cc two-stroke up to 170cc four-stroke engine, is further divided into single-cylinder to four-cylinder and all are air-cooled. UAV motors are a completely separate chapter of production and assembly. UAV engines have monitored production since the beginning of production of individual parts, where production tolerances are recorded in so-called logbooks, each part has its own serial number under which it is kept in the company information system and so each part has a traceable history. Rotomotor s.r.o. strives to achieve high quality production with the intention of long life of engines and accessories. Our main intention is to supply the customer with a top product and technical support at a high level. Proof of our work is the cooperation with one of the largest companies in the field of unmanned projects, namely the company IAI Israel, where we supply four-stroke engines to the Bird Eye 650D project in Plug / Play configuration.