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ROTO 125 FSi


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The Roto 125 FSi is a new engine for inline engine aircraft. The design of the engine was aimed at easy installation in an aircraft with a narrow fuselage. Engine performance is comparable to 125cc four-stroke engines, low idle and easy starting is a given.

The engine has been developed with all the experience provided from the Roto - UAV development group and meets the highest possible standards of production quality and output testing.

The Roto 125 FSi is a twin cylinder, four stroke, air cooled inline engine with a single carburettor for ease of user setup. The engine is completely built on roller bearings and is completely maintenance free. Engine lubrication is provided by a system adopted from Roto - UAV and no relubrication is required. The valves and their gears are developed so that their inspection is not necessary before 40 hours of operation.

You can look forward to this engine in 2022, life tests are already underway. If you are interested in this engine and would like more information, please contact our sales department at  

  • Engine displacement 125 ccm
    Power 7 HP
    Max static engine thrust 21 kg
    Bore 2x48 mm
    Engine weight 4300 g
    Engine & ignition weight 4580 g
    Arrangement of the engine inline two-cylinder
    Cooling air-cooled
    Lubrication petrol 95 oct. + 2% oil
    RPM 1100 – 6000

    Fuel system


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