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ROTO 170 FS - test engine

ROTO 170 FS is four cylinder 4 stroke gasoline RC airplane engine made specifically for the model airplanes up to 4 m and 30 kg



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1,999 EUR

The ROTOmotor company offers these engines from tests. These engines have been used for Research and Development with operation times between 2 and 10 hours.

For these engines, the ROTOmotor company offers a full waranty of 24 months or 50 hours of operation.

ROTO motor 170 FS is four cylinder  4 stroke  gasoline engine made specifically for the model  airplanes up to 4 m (13,1’) and 30 kg (66,2 lb). These dates are for recreational flying.

The Engine was developed in Europe with the assistance of CAD systems (Solidworks) and optimized for the liquid flow in the Flow software (made by Solidworks).

All ROTO engines and its components are made and programed by utilizing the state of art 5 axis machinery made by American companies HASS and Siemens NX.

Every engine, made by ROTO MOTOR Company is bench tested and adjusted by qualified technician on the Engine Star equipment to ensure its peak performance.



Basic technical data:



* WEIGHT 4 500g

* BEARINGS  Ball and needle


* FUELGAS + OIL MOTUL 800 1:40

* RPM 600 - 5500

* 2 BLADE PROPELLER 30/10-12

* 3 BLADE PROPELLER 28/10-12


Description of the engine:

4-Stroke Gasoline Engine
RC Gasoline Engine
Engine for RC Airplane
Gasoline RC Engine  
Four Cylinder Gasoline RC Engine
Engine for Large Model Aircraft
Four Stroke Gasoline Engine
RC Airplane Engine
Engine for UAV